Windshield Banner (Solid Color)

Midwest Diesel Society

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Add a sharp look to your ride with one of our 2 available styles!

- Straight Cut: Lays straight across the windshield, has the "Rainbow Shape" effect.

- Conform Cut: Conforms to the curve of the glass as lays to better match the curvature of the roofline.

COLORS: Colors are not guaranteed to perfectly color match paint. If you're interested in custom colors, PLEASE CONTACT MDS DIRECTLY!! We will gladly do our best to make you satisfied!

Our windshield banner's are made from the highest quality vinyl to stand up to the HARSH conditions that your windshield endures. This product is applied to the outside of the glass and is a *Universal Fit*, takes about 30 minutes to install. We recommend a second person to help. 

ONE SIZE FITS ALL - We cut our banners with the ability to have up to a 10" banner (Measured by distance down the "A" Pillar). 65" Wide by 10"

***We DO NOT condone the illegal use of our products. They are intended to be used in accordance with your local laws and guidelines. Any use of our products lower on your windshield than your local laws allow are to be for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY!!**